10 Essentials To Carry For African Safari Tours From Australia

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Going to the African Safari tours requires you to do a proper homework about things to do, to visit and to carry. You can find all kinds of people telling you to do this or that based upon their personal experiences; generally, the best pieces of advice usually come from those who knew nothing and had to know it the hard way. Those are the right people to tell you what to do with your African Safari tours from Australia, to make it the best and an impeccable adventure of your life.  

Well, you must have heard from many that safaris are a very different kind of experience, having its own extremes and fun sides. What matters the most while visiting from Australia is to be prepared and fully equipped with all the tools, pieces of stuff and essentials to carry along in order to cope up with unanticipated situations.  

Below is enlisted a complete checklist for you to use while planning a tour of African Safaris: 

Duffle Bag 

You will be required to carry a soft duffle bag along with you on Safari no matter if you are travelling from the plane or with a pack of people on tour. Hard material bags, on the other hand, are not allowed. Also, there would be a higher probability of your bag getting dirty, therefore, go prepared.  

Best Camera & Equipment 

You need to take your best camera along for all of those breath-taking pictures of African Safari Tour from Australia. Don’t forget to carry tele-lens with the minimum range of 200mm; bear in mind that you can not take wildlife photos with your smartphone’s camera. It is an absolute necessity to keep the best equipment with you. Also, take along extra batteries and memory cards with you, a tripod or mono pod would be an add-on benefit. Safaris are usually of longer duration and your tools are needed to be charged and prepared accordingly. 

Electrical Adapters 

Different safari destinations support different electrical adapters, therefore, do not carry one type of charger with you. In fact, do a little research as per the destination you would be visiting and the kind of electrical charger it supports. For instance, South Africa and Namibia are type D/M. Kenya & Uganda is Type G and, Zimbabwe & Tanzania is either type D or G. Read more about the essentials of African Safari Tours, here. 


Binoculars are a must-have for Australians for Safari Tours. It is being said that they are so important for the whole of your itinerary that everyone should have his/her own binocular to enjoy the trip from the closest. Even kids should have their separate binoculars so they do not feel left-alone and any lesser excited about the beauty of the wildlife.  

Mosquito Repellent  

Goes without saying that you will be needing one to keep yourself from all kinds of African mosquitoes.  

Sunscreen & Sunglasses 

Who can imagine being on an African safari tour from Australia without carrying a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen? Make sure this comes on top of your to-do list. 

Additional Backpack 

This works great during the long safari travels as you can keep your belongings in it without feeling heavy or burdensome. However, the bag should have a good locking mechanism, otherwise, you will find dirt all over your backpack and the stuff within.  

Water & Snacks 

It is always good to carry snacks and water with you on your safari tour. Organised Safari tour often provide water bottles and other snacks during the travel. However, it is an organised trip, therefore, you will always have to wait for the stopover. To avoid that waiting, carry your own water bottles and snacks. 

Headlamp or Flashlight 

You will be needing headlamp or flashlight all the time while camping in Africa, therefore, it is mandatory to carry one for your Zanzibar tours from Australia.

Travel Insurance, First-Aid Kit, Medicines 

Carry your own first aid kit and essential medicines as per your disposition. Apart from that, do not visit safaris without getting your travel insurance. Ask your travel agency or tour operator to cover it under the package and keep you from hassle or you can check out any other travel insurance company to do the job for you prior to your visit.