3 Ways To Revamp Your Home With Concrete!

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The exterior of your house sets the tone for how visitors and onlookers perceive your house since it’s the first thing that they see. One of the most remarkable and distinctive ways you can revamp your house is with a concrete makeover. Rather than just your usual bland concrete overlay that we’re all so used to, concrete overlays can come in all sorts of decorative forms designed to really raise the aesthetic value of your house.

Furthermore, concrete overlays are a departure from the usual wooden flooring and thus can be an unconventional way to revamp and refresh your house, while staying on trend.

However, finding the right concrete suppliers Melbourne to fulfil all your house makeover dreams can be a daunting task. Concrete supplied by unreliable companies can be prone to breakage, and can thus ruin the entire look of your house. To ensure that your money is spent on the right, reliable place, for your next house makeover we recommend Burdetts, a leading name in Melbourne which claims to provide only the highest grade products. Using the wide variety of concrete designs supplied, here are three ways you can refresh your house.  

  1. Burdetts provides a wide range of concrete styles that you can pick from. You may pick from exposed aggregate, outdoor honed and acid etched and indoor polished. So, be it the interior of your house that you want to refurbish or the exterior which you feel needs an upgrade, Burdetts has you totally covered. For a totally new indoor look, concrete is steadily emerging as a durable and stylish option. Gone are the days of the dull, industrial style concrete floors – the concrete floors of today are fully customisation with a number of different styles that you can pick. For a bolder look, you may opt for the acid stained variety, which is immediately recognisable by its mottled look and colours. Acid stained varieties come in all earthy shades, so if you’re looking to give your home that modern look while staying in touch with the colours of nature, this is the go-to option for you.  
  2. A concrete makeover can be far, far cheaper than choosing any other form of flooring. Furthermore, it also almost twice as durable, and is designed to withstand all the elements – be it the blazing Australian heat, the crispy dry winters or pouring rain. Concrete blocks and other products sourced from the concrete suppliers Burdetts will be sure to withstand all the elements and remain as if brand new. Where many other materials may often fade, crack or lose their original look, concrete finishing from Burdetts remains brand new and fresh. Concrete flooring, indoors or outdoors, are designed to withstand not only natural elements but also human accidents. With concrete flooring you can rest assured that it will not be affected by any spillages and is thus very low maintenance, a fact that can be doubly important should you have kids.  
  3. Burdetts claims to value customer satisfaction above all else, and so you can rest assured that whatever you may choose to order will be delivered to you promptly, and in perfect condition. They claim to be offering competitive prices on all their products, so you can also be sure that your makeover will come pretty easy on your pocket. Having been in the business for over 40 years, Burdetts is no doubt a reliable name. They vow to use their vast fleet of transportation trucks to deliver your products to you as soon as possible, in the best condition.  

So, be it an outdoor house upgrade you want, or an indoor refurbishing, know that concrete flooring are the way to go. With the competitive prices offered by Burdetts and their guarantee of you supplying only the highest quality products, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking which type of flooring you want. Should you want concrete refurbishing for your business, or for industrial needs, Burdetts has you covered yet again. You can contact them today for an obligation free quote, and get started on your journey to revamping your house and have it looking sleek and modern, yet still being natural and durable.