A Guide To Buying Queen Bed Frames In Australia 

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When a person indulges him or herself in the decision-making process of buying a bed then it has to go through a series of connected steps in order to make a right decision which otherwise, is not possible. Reason being, there are many types, qualities and frame structures available in the market as per the budget limits, preferences and tastes of the buyers that it gets fairly complex for a person to make an instant sound decision.

Nowadays, Aussies are more skewed towards the queen sized beds as compared to its counterpart, king-sized one. There are many factors affecting this preference of people in Australia such as moderation in space available, ease of comfort, aesthetic appeal, a utility for the users and flexibility of adjusting to the other supported items. All these features altogether have made the demand for these beds revved up to an extent that now you can even buy these online. The Factory Buys in Australia has been providing top quality queen mattresses, beds, frames and other auxiliary items at a striking price rate due to the ongoing promotions along with the perks of direct home delivery. This whole phenomenon of online buying has exponentially affected the cost factor of the buying decision.

Generally, people do not care about the bed frames much if they have a mattress which fits all sizes but this is in particular not the case with the queen-sized articles; therefore, you have to be very peculiar while on the move to buy the queen bed frame for your room, such as:

Slats Matter 

Let’s start off our queen beds online buying movement with the decision of choosing the right slats. Though these are hardly visible on the beds once you put the mattress on it but they can effect upon the longevity of your bed frame directly. For instance, if the distance between the slats is too much then your queen size mattress would be more prone to wear and tear, hence, there must be a distance of at least 2.5 inches apart between the slats.

Box Spring With Frame 

The next thing you need to aware of is the box spring and what it contains. It is generally comprised of a wooden structure covered with a cloth while containing springs in it. Springs are more for shock absorption while wooden structure provides support or firmness to the queen mattress. The only issue which is often encountered by the bed frames are of air circulation in the box spring, if these are lay flat on the ground then moisture could get in and results into catching mould. Therefore, the best way out is to choose those queen beds Australia that comes with a frame.

Space Allocation 

Another important aspect of the queen bed buying decision process is about the allocation of space. For this, consider all the products that you have to place in the room, their dimensions and usage-space. Once done, put them all in their respective places and figure out if there’s enough room left in the room to put the queen bed in it? The rule of thumb is, there must be a space of 1.5 ft across the bed in the room for you to walk by and to reach to the placed items.

Ideal Height of Base 

While choosing the queen sized bed in Australia, another critical factor is the right height of the frame or the base. You need to consider your own height, the height of the mattress and the bed frame along with the age, health conditions and comfort level that you require out of it. The height of the base should be equal to the that of your knee cap so you could firmly put your feet in the ground. If the base is below your kneecap when you sit on the side of the mattress base then it would be too lower and not at all favourable for those suffering from arthritis problem while if it is higher than your kneecap then you would find it difficult to get on and out of the bed. Hence, follow the basics and pick the right height.


The last thing to consider is the limit of your budget before buying the queen beds online because it is you who know how much sums of money you can spend on a bed frame or if that would be sufficient to buy your desired article or not and foremostly, would it be worth it or not? The answers to these questions would keep you contemplating over all the possibilities you could have with this purchase and without it before reaching the final decision.

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