Bed sheets that’ll make you want to stay in bed forever!

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There is no place we feel more at home than in our own beds. At the end of a long day, what we crave the most is to take our shoes off, change our clothes and jump up under the covers and relax. Anyone who says that they head to the bedroom only when we want to sleep is probably lying. At the end of long, tedious day, we want to curl up in bed and do what relaxes us. Some of like to watch a movie to unwind, others read, and while some just like to use the bed for what its best – to nap! However, there are certain things that can make our relaxing time in the bed not as pleasant as we would like it to be. Of course, at the top of the list is discomfort. No one wants to sit or relax in a place which just isn’t comfortable. When we get in bed we want feel as if we relaxing in the clouds. This can’t be accomplished through having a comfy mattress alone – we need to have a soft, comfortable bed sheet as well. If we want the most optimum level of comfort when it comes to bedtime, we want to make sure that we have the most comfortable bed sheets around. Here is how having Egyptian cotton sheets can turn bedtime into a dream.  

  1. It can be a nightmare trying to go sleep when summer comes around, and especially so if we consider the boiling Australian temperature that we face. Trying to sleep when it’s really hot can mean that we can end up either not falling asleep at all, or waking up through  the night in night sweats – and there can be nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat. A lot of the time, the problem isn’t as much as the temperature, as it is the methods we use to combat the heat. A lot of the times we can be suffering from night sweats and discomfort simply because we aren’t using the right bed sheets. With pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets, we can sleep the night away peacefully without ever feeling hot, as the material is immensely breathable. This material can let the air flow through the cotton all night, so that we can sleep well.  
  2. A problem that a lot of us have with plain bed sheets are that they tend to fray or fade pretty quickly. This can make our entire bedroom look like a sloppy mess, as the bed will be looking bad. With Egyptian cotton bed sheets we can avoid this problem altogether as the characteristics of the fiber are such that the liquid dyes can soak right through, and never wash off. This can mean that we never have to bear having old looking bed sheets. What’s more is that the strength of the fiber also means that the bed sheets won’t ever fray or tear, and you will get the full bang for your buck, as the sheets will be extremely durable.  
  3. If we are really honest, beauty and temperature control come second when we consider a bed sheet. What we really want is comfort. Luckily for us, we can get all the comfort in the world with some Egyptian cotton bed sheets. These sheets are softer than anything else in the world. Egyptian cotton is easily considered the best cotton in the world, owing to its durability, strength, breathability and extreme comfort. Once you’re in a bed covered with Egyptian cotton bed sheets you’ll hardly ever want to get out! 

It can seem like a dream to get breathability, comfort, and durability all in one, but with pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets, that is just what we will get. At Luxor Linen, we can find the perfect Egyptian cotton bed sheets to light up our bedroom like nothing else. The extreme comfort and beauty will make sure that you never want to be anywhere else but in bed! With their great prices and amazing colors and designs, you will surely find a sheet you like.