Essential Maintenance Tasks All Homeowners Must Perform

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Owning a home is not limited to the mortgage and insurance bills. As a responsible homeowner, you should perform various maintenance tasks in and around your home to keep it in tip-top shape. Homes that lack maintenance eventually go into disrepair, which would require expensive mending. Therefore, make sure you perform the following important maintenance tasks in your home:  

Service the HVAC System 

This is most important when summer comes around, the season you are most likely to blast the air conditioning Carindale to the fullest. The maintenance of the A/C system in your home would really depend on the type of system you have. You can refer to the user guide for specific instructions. However, all systems do need servicing at least once a year. This is not something you can do alone. Find a specialist Repair Company in your local area who can give your HVAC system a thorough check-up so you can avoid expensive repairs later.  

Check Batteries in Smoke Detectors 

Smoke detectors are not perpetually powered. You may not always notice when the batteries in the carbon dioxide and smoke detectors in your home have died. Therefore, you should check the batteries in the smoke alarms at least twice a year to make sure they work. If not, you would need to immediately replace the batteries right away. It’s not expensive to change the smoke detector batteries every six months. It’s also recommended to have the wiring of these alarms checked by professional electricians Belmont if the alarm is prone to acting out.  

Look for Problem Tree Branches 

We all love a lovely garden with trees growing tall and strong. But sometimes the growing branches can interfere with sensitive structures, particularly the electric lines. It’s important to make sure that tree branches are not growing into electric lines or any other part of the house. Branches can cause structural damage, especially during certain weather conditions like storms.  

Inspect the Roof 

The roof of the house should be inspected before it starts snowing. You definitely don’t want to find any cracks on the roof when it starts snowing several inches deep. It’s not hard to perform a good roof inspection. However, if you are unable to check some parts of the roof, make sure to hire a professional service to do it instead.  

Do a Check-Up on the Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve  

Every six months, it’s highly recommended to test the pressure relief valve on the water heater in your home. It’s common for this part to get hindered by mineral build up from the water. This build-up can result in leaks, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. So make sure you check the valve and keep it clean.  

Keep the Fridge Coils Clean 

Refrigerator coils accumulate debris and dirt with usage. The stuff on the coils will make the fridge consume more power. To reduce energy waste and to keep your fridge operating properly, learn to clean the fridge coils annually. It’s not that hard but you can ask a repairperson to do it in case you absolutely cannot.  

Lastly, don’t forget to give your home a deep clean at least once a year (twice is recommended). Your home will remain in excellent shape if you don’t let dust and grime build-up in places that you don’t typically clean. Biannual deep cleaning can also eliminate the risk of vermin or pest problems. Therefore, get the whole family together to clean everything from appliances in the kitchen to the nooks and crannies of the windows. You should hire a professional cleaning service if the family is not up to it.