Essential Things You Only Notice When They Are Gone

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Some things in life are viewed as essential – you just cannot do without them. Everyone’s list is probably slightly different but if you were to ask most people what things they absolutely had to have they would answer with things like television, internet, transport and food. Health also ranks highly. Then there are other things which are also important and which feature regularly in our daily lives, but which are taken completely for granted. For the most part nobody notices them and nobody considers their importance, in most cases people don’t even know how they got to be where they are. But what are these things? Here’s a list of the most taken for granted items that feature in your daily lives. 

What all good neighbours need 

We all know that good fences make for good neighbours, but not much time of focus is ever given to fences. The fact of the matter is that they are everywhere and that there are people who make their livelihood from fences. The thing is fences are used for far more than just keeping separating you from your neighbours. They have security and safety roles, they can be used for crowd management and they are used in construction. But most people wouldn’t know where to start if it came to finding a fence for something like this. The best place to look is the internet where a search for something like, fencing hire Newcastle might yield more results than you ever imagined.  

Time to stop and take stock 

What about the bar code? Nobody ever stops to think about it and the fact that it is everywhere, almost completely unnoticed on the side of every item that you buy at the supermarket. The reality is that the humble barcode is the cornerstone of a globally controlled system that allows for items made in China, to be shipped by a Cypriot boat to be sold by a Sri Lankan store keeper in London. 


While we all know what technology is and that it affects our daily lives, most people probably don’t realise in quite how many ways it touches us. The micro-chip is at the centre of all of this and it is everywhere these days – from the alarm clock that wakes you up to the coffee machine through your car and your credit card and the mobile phone. Quite simply the micro-chip is everywhere. 


The importance of the humble bee cannot be overstated. This stripy little insect that goes around largely unnoticed – until you sit or stand on it of course – is indirectly responsible for almost all of the food that we eat. That is quite a big statement to make but scientists have suggested that if bees were rendered extinct that the human race would follow suit within about four years. Because bees pollinate almost all the food that we eat or alternatively all the food that our food eats. So a world without bees would very quickly lead to famine and disaster.