Expanding Your Property: What To Consider Beforehand

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Expanding your property comes with plenty of excitement – you can have a bigger house without having to pack everything up and move somewhere else, and it’s a chance to develop your property and make it even better. When you carry out any work on your house, you’re able to tailor it to your likes and dislikes, making it much even more exciting and thrilling when you’re having an extension. However, expanding a house also comes with lots of potential problems and also complications which you’ll need to ensure you’ve covered before you start any work. Here are a few of the things which you should have thought about before contracting a company or builder and beginning the expansion.  

Are you expanding to rent or for yourself?  

If you’re expanding a house to rent it out, you’ll need to do a considerable amount of research beforehand to find out whether it’s worth it and how much more you’ll be able to charge your tenants. However, if you’re expanding a property that you live in yourself and you’re intending to live there for a considerable amount of time, then the situation is slightly different. You don’t have to think as much about the amount of money you’re spending in relation to how much money you’re able to get back.  

Have you considered all the smaller issues?  

As well as the large job of actually expanding the property, you will also have many other smaller things to think about and to pay for. The new part of the house will need to be wired, plumbed and become a fully functioning part of the property. Furthermore, you’ll need to look at polishing concrete flooring for the property, including garage flooring Brisbane if you still have a garage in the property or have expanded in order to build one.  

Do you have a budget?  

It could be a large budget; it could be a small budget. Either way, you need to make sure that you have covered this point and you do have a budget in place. You should write down the quotes and costs of the work which will need to be carried out, and then work from this. Don’t create a budget first and then try to squeeze everything into this. You need to get some quotes and costs in order to have a realistic budget and set aside an amount of money which works and is going to cover the cost of the expansion.  

Have you complied with all the local laws?  

In many locations, you are required to get permission from the local authorities before you can start adding on to any property. Even if you’re converted your garage into a different room, you will need to seek permission depending on where you live. Before getting too excited, speak to somebody in your local authority and ask them what the procedure is for expanding a house and obtaining permissions from the relevant bodies. Before doing this, you can’t go ahead with any work on your property.