Simple Ways To Make Your Office More Safe And Healthy 

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As an employer you always want to make sure that the workspace is as safe and comfortable for your staff as possible. Health and Safety are big watch words these days, and while in some countries there is a lot of legislation in place to ensure that workers are protected, that is not always the case. Sometimes Health and Safety measures are seen as over the top and sometimes they are seen as very expensive to implement. The truth is that with the application of a moderate degree of common sense commercial property management Sydney can do a lot to ensure the safety of both your staff and your assets. Here’s our list of simple and practical steps to make your workplace a healthy and enjoyable place to be. 

Think about fire 
There is so much that can be done to make sure that you are safe in the event of a fire. A former colleague who took a position in facilities management Chatswood, suggested that basics like clearing fire escape exits, maintaining fire extinguishers and installing fire doors would go a long way to reducing any potential damage in the event of a fire. They also allay any fears that staff might have in the terrible event of a fire and they ensure that appropriate action can be taken if and when a fire starts. 

Working in a stuffy office is uncomfortable and unproductive. Make sure that fresh air is in abundance and that the temperature is comfortable. This can be sorted through windows or through air conditioning and fans, but what is important is that if you want your staff to be productive and effective, especially in an office environment, then it is vital that there is a good flow of air. 

Natural Light 
Studies have shown that the absence of natural light has negative effects on people. It’s fine for a while, but if you want your staff to be energetic and productive for longer periods of time, then make sure that they are not subjected to fluorescent lighting the whole day. An added benefit of natural lighting is the fact that it means you are using less electricity and therefore saving on utility costs – it’s a win for everyone. 

Traditionally humans hunted and gathered in the outdoors. Being cooped up all day in an office or warehouse environment is thus completely foreign to us and as such, as employers, we need to make the workspace as friendly as possible. Plants are a great way to help with this, they creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere and, on a subconscious level, they resonate with the roots of your workers. Everything just feels more right and natural in the presence of plants. A key thing to ad here is that the plants need to be maintained – nothing creates an air of despair and depression like an office that is filled with dead or dying plants. It simply screams nobody actually cares and it will have the completely opposite effect to that which the plants were meant to have in the first place.