Sweating The Small Stuff When Buying Your First Home

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Buying a house is a really emotional decision. It’s usually the most expensive purchase a person ever makes and as a result when you make the offer to buy thoughts tend to be less practical and more emotional. You love how it looks or the memories that it invokes or the fact that it is just around the corner from your sister. That type of thing. Practical thoughts often disappear out the window and that is a very dangerous situation, because inevitably, given the scale of the purchase and the associated investment you don’t want to be moving again too soon. So what sort of things should you look to consider before jumping in? Here’s a little guide to help you with the process. 


We are not just talking about wheelchair access, although that is important. For the most part though a residential property can be equipped with ramps quite easily should the need arise. We are thinking more about staircases and the need to get upstairs and downstairs if the house has more than one storey. Stairs might be easy to navigate when you are young, but age takes its toll and if the staircases are narrow or steep you need to think long and hard. Is their scope to install wheelchair lifts Sydney or are home elevators going to be something that you require. Not saying it needs to happen but thinking ahead is very important.

If you are planning to have a family how big is going to be? Obviously you can never be certain but most people have an idea of what they are looking for. And you need to plan accordingly. There must either be sufficient space to cater for the family you want or if not, then enough room to build the space. Ideally speaking you are probably also going to want to make sure that there is space for guests to sleep as well. It makes no sense buying an amazing house and then not being able to host family or friends when they come to town for a visit. 

Some people love gardening and others don’t. Children need places to play – sandpits and tree houses and the like. You need to find something that plays to your strengths and needs. Also think about pets. You can definitely get away without a garden if you are a cat person – there are countless families in big cities like New York who own cats that have never ben outside, but dogs are trickier. It needs a space to stretch its legs and run outdoors. So think long and hard about what your needs are and how best to cater to them. 

This assumes that you have a car or that you intend to get one at some point. It’s another significant asset and if you intend going that route will you be able to park it on the premises? And if not, how safe is it on the street and how freely available is parking in the area. You don’t want a situation where you have to catch an Uber to the place where you parked your car!