The 6 Unthinkable Ways Software Can Help Improve Your Workflow! 

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Marketing is a very vast field and a lynch pin for any organisation. Planning and executing marketing campaigns is not a cup of coffee, it comprises of deadlines, to-do lists, managing people and fine detailing certain things. It gets difficult for a sane person to manage all this on its own by using traditional methods of noting things down in a notebook or an official journal.  

study by Mashable suggests that 28% of an employee’s day is spent on emails, enough to handle too much in a day. How a marketing person could keep all the things straight and on point in so much clutter and chaos while staying productive?  

Considering the fast-paced nature of marketing scenarios, Admation has been providing marketing project management solutions  to companies so they could keep visual track of their marketing efforts as well as to add an ease of operations in the given function.  

Companies who have opted out for PMS are very satisfied with the now-operations of its departments while enjoying the most striking benefits of using a project-based software that they never imagined incorporating before. But now it has become a necessity for large-scale companies to use software to monitor the path of its projects in order to minimise the opportunity costs. 

Reasons for Using PMS for Marketing 

Using project management software comes with two sets of benefits; one is basic or default set while the other one is specific and add-ons. When it comes to marketing function then the most prominent advantages of PMS are: 


PMS helps you in keeping your marketing project and operations organised. You can see the trajectory of different projects and assess the workloads as well as, a track of the yearly marketing calendar. Apart from that, with enhanced and effective file storage, visual calendar, to-do and discussion list features, it gets easier to find out things when needed.  

Effective Communication 

It gets messier when you have to find an email related to a specific project or a string of brainstormed ideas or any changes that your client asked you for a few days back. You cannot be 100% attentive or responsive to anything coming in your mailbox. Now, what project management marketing software does? It works as an enabler for communication between the team members of a project and the client. You can give anyone access to the project based software via an email id login. They cannot only see your brainstormed ideas but can give feedback in return as well. You can also assign them about the tasks and responsibilities there and then while monitoring progress at the same time. 


Clients or companies often demand to have more access to the way a marketing department has been working on its projects. With PMS, they can look at the project and be as involved as they could to ensure a perfect execution. This added benefit of two-way transparency enhances credibility and trust factors at both employee and employer end. 


Uploading and file sharing features make it easier to trace back old proofs, ideas or emails. Apart from that, your project becomes a living update-able file, accessible to members anytime, anywhere. Most of the marketing project software can also be integrated into mobile devices, is not it conveniently advanced? 


PMS also enhances accountability in a project as every member knows what is to be done, by when and how. Also, a to-do list is assigned to each member hence, no blame games. In shorts, it brings a clearer visual schedule of events to accomplish and keep the project moving along.  


Project management solution is flexible to unexpected changes in order to ponder over some specific actions more precisely or to work more in a certain direction. Moreover, management can also see the results of delayed actions on the project or what is keeping it at a standstill for so long. As this software is designed for both small as well as large-scale companies, hence flexibility quotient is kept higher in them considering what you want to get out of it.  

If you have been feeling overwhelmed yet burdensome due to the on-going marketing efforts and campaigns then you really need to consider a switch to a project management software to alleviate some pressure off your shoulders and spare yourself some time to focus on better and more productive aspects of it. Admation does not only help you at identifying the right software for your organisation but also makes it customisation as per your time-to-time needs.