Tips For Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment? Being eco-friendly is not just helps you be more conscientious, it can also save money around the house. Here are several ideas for making your home more green: 

Use Rooftop PV Panels 

Go ahead and research Beyond Solar commercial solar panels Sydney, because that is one of the best ways to make sure your home is eco-friendly. You can eliminate all electricity derived from fossil fuels or other forms of non-green energy when you have PV panels on your rooftop. In Australia, PV energy options for residences are getting more prevalent and also affordable. If you can’t install the full panels, you can consider solar rooftop tiles, shingles, water heating, or air conditioning. Nearly everyone can benefit from PV energy. It doesn’t take up space like windmills and don’t need natural assets like a waterfall. Therefore, go with PV energy to truly become an eco-friendly family.  

Stop Using Paper around the House 

Eliminate paper usage around the house to save money and protect the environment. Of course, it won’t be possible to eliminate all paper usage. But you can try some. Text your other family members whenever you can without leaving paper notes. Stop buying new white paper (which may be produced using bleach) and use recycled paper instead. You can make recycled paper at home too.  

Get Rid of Plastic Shopping Bags 

In some areas of Australia, the local governments actively discourage the use of plastic shopping bags. But you can take this initiative yourself. Use cloth shopping bags whenever you go shopping. Some stores may provide these for free. Keep several non-plastic shopping bags in the house and in the car for when any of the family members go shopping. Encourage others in the house to recycle and reuse as well.  

Solar Water Heating 

Does the house still have old fashioned water heaters that take forever to heat up? Sometimes flushing the toilet can make the heater run out of hot water. In this case, you can switch to a PV water heater, which would harness the power of the sun to keep the water warm. It would save money and reduce the burden on the indoor electrical system. It works even in winter, and you might never run out of hot water suddenly.  

Switch to CFL Bulbs 

CFL bulbs emit a much softer and less power-intensive light compared to LED bulbs. When you have LED bulbs, a percentage of household electricity bills would go towards keeping these lit. LED bulbs emit a blue light, which has found to be a culprit in keeping people awake at night. Plus, you should not use bright LED lights outdoors at night, as the bulbs cause light pollution. CFL bulbs are much less harsh on the environment and is not as polluting as LED bulbs. You can save money on energy with CFL easily.  

Compost Leaves 

Do you discard leaves and other plant matter after mowing and cleaning the yard or the garden? Instead of sending these to the trash compactor, compose the plant matter at home. You will end up with rich fertilizer for your plants that doesn’t use fossil fuel.  

Any of the above would help you reduce you and your family’s negative impact on the environment. Most would help your family save money as well. So don’t wait and adopt one or two of the tips without delay.