Tips To Prevent Losing Your Pet

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It’s the pet owner’s ultimate nightmare. You went out for a teeny bit and now your pet is gone. You call out but your pet is nowhere in sight. Losing a pet in a crowd, or even in the home, is a common situation for pet owners. It can be especially hard when your pet is a cat or a ferret that doesn’t respond to calls like dogs do. Here are several simple tips that will help you keep track of your pet so he or she is safe all the time: 

Buy a GPS Pet Tracker 

If your cat or dog loves going out and not coming back inside on time, get him or her a GPS Bluetooth wolftrack. You can attach one of these things to the leash your pet wears. Blaq Wolf wireless trackers come with a corresponding app or a software program. When you can’t find your pet anywhere, you can refer to the app for the location on a map. Invest in a reliable and sturdy pet GPS that your pet won’t find cumbersome to wear. It’s the most affordable and convenient tech available right now to keep track of your beloved pets.  

Install Surveillance Cameras 

Having surveillance cameras serves many purposes on modern homes. In addition to security, a CCTV system is great for finding lost pets. Even if the cameras don’t show where the pet is right now, you can refer to the footage to find out which direction your furry companion last went. It’s advised to install cameras that look inside the home as well as outside so you can monitor your pet even when she is outdoors. Having at least one surveillance camera is better than having none.  

Place Secure Fencing around Your Home 

Make sure there’s highly secure fencing around your home so that your pet doesn’t slip through. Make sure dogs or cats can’t jump over the fencing. Cats love being seated in high places, so the top of the fencing shouldn’t be flat. Make sure there aren’t any cracks or holes on the side or under the fence for your pet to slip outside. If your pet is confined to one area, even outdoors, then it won’t be difficult to find him or her.  

Invest in Reliable Leashes 

Your pet, of course, must be leashed when going outside. When buying a leash, make sure you invest in a sturdy product. If your pet is large, a good leash is important. It shouldn’t be easy for the pet to slip off the leash and runoff. Have a backup leash on you at all times just in case. This is important when you have large, restless dogs that love running off.  

Let the Pet Out During Designated Times 

Pets, like humans, don’t like being confined. If you keep your pet confined for long periods of time, then the pet would be very prone to wandering off. Therefore, let your pet out at designated times to let them enjoy nature. When they have plenty of playtimes outside, they will stay indoors without a fuss when they are supposed to.  

It’s also strongly advised to have someone always keep an eye on the pet, especially when going out for walks in crowded places. Use the above tips to take good care of your pet and keep him or her safe indoors.